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12 Reasons to Buy From eMachineTool.com®

  1. Great Prices: Not just once in a while but every day. Prices are well below list prices!
  2. Quality: All products are proven high quality.
  3. Parts & Service: A network of nationwide machine tool service engineers will be available to assist you in case you need on-site support. Service and parts support is also available directly from us, just call.
  4. Fast Delivery: Stock or near stock delivery on hundreds of items including virtually all new machine tools offered.
  5. No Haggling: Great prices with no hassle and no haggling.
  6. Easy: Shop in the comfort of your office or home.
  7. No Salesman: No salesman will knock on your door and bother you at critical times. You an only you control your time and decide how to spend it.
  8. One Stop Shopping: Buy everything you need from once.
  9. On-Line Leasing: Excellent rates with easy on-line application. Approval in generally within 24-48 business hours if all required information is submitted. Financial statements are generally not required.
  10. Safe Shopping: You never input your credit card and other critical data so you never need to worry about web site security!
  11. 24 Hours a Day: Shop, price, review and buy at your leisure. Our site is available to you at your convenience.
  12. Easy Tracking of Orders: Simple on-line tracking of your orders with information on shipping dates, trucking delivery, UPS and FedEx shipments.